Design & Consulting

World of Gelato offers you an innovative design and build approach in designing and building your new or remodeling your existing food service operation – whether it is your Café , Bakery, Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop, Gelateria, Coffee Shop or Bar - we can provide you with and elegant and refined European styling at prices everyone can afford.

We offer full AutoCad design service allowing you to get the most from your new or existing store, offering virtually every design finish you can imagine. At no obligation you can call us for a 3D design layout at a nominal refundable fee.

Simply look through some of our design ideas contained on our site and what is very important to remember is that each of our design styles can be finished and customized to meet your requirements.

Our Services include a three step program that walks you through the design and build process.

Design Service: * We charge a nominal fee for our design service which is refunded on purchase of the project. Contact us for a full copy of our design agreement terms and conditions. Let us design and build your cafe, bar, gelateria, ice cream store, bakery ...


3-Step Process

This is where we gather the initial information on your project 

1. Gather Initial Information

  • When would you like to open?
  • What is your budget for build out, equipment and fixtures?
  • What is the size of the location – square footage, overall dimensions, and ceiling height space?
  • What is the electrical voltage in the building, and the total amperage on the electric panel?
  • What are the dimensions of the existing restrooms, and are there any additional restroom requirements?
  • What is the location of the main entrance door for your customers?
  • Are there additional entrances or exits?
  • Do you have any fire exit issues?
  • Do you have any parking issues?
  • Have you reviewed your zoning requirements?
  • Do you have any menu items ready - such as food and beverage selections?
  • Do you offer menu items that are prepared at your location?
  • Can you supply the manufacturer and model number of any existing equipment?
  • Are you able to supply the phone and fax number of your general contractor?
  • Are you able to supply the phone and fax number of the architect?

2. Floor Plan Information

This is where we gather information about the floor plan so that we can specifically match your concept, menu and space:

  • What are the dimensions of the existing floor plan?
  • What are the exact locations of any doors, windows, restrooms, and columns within the facility?
  • We would need any changes and a confirmation of the floor plan
  • Based on the project information a design of the floor plan will be designed
  • We will design a layout that will emphasize logical customer traffic flow, employee efficiency, seating, and retail placement
  • We will review your menu to make sure that we have satisfied your equipment needs
  • We will give you a description of each piece of equipment, and their features and options
  • We will go over both refrigerated and dry storage needs for operation
  • We will contact your architect, contractor, and leasing company when it is necessary
  • After discussion with the customer we will make any revisions to the floor plan that need be
  • We will make a continuous effort to make sure that the floor plan is what suits your needs until we come to a final plan

3. Equipment and Cabinetry Estimates

This is where we give you an itemized quotation on all equipment and cabinetry:

  • Estimate on all equipment needed
  • Estimate on table tops and bases
  • Estimate on chairs and bar stools
  • Estimate on counters and cabinetry
  • In your estimate, you will be provided with item numbers that correspond to the equipment specification book, and the floor plan
  • Your estimate for the equipment will come complete with the model number and manufacturer
  • You will receive a complete detailed description of the equipment you purchase
  • We will confirm with you that the equipment you purchase is within your budget, and we will try to make adjustments as needed
  • We will note all equipment and accessories provided by the owner
  • All accessories and option will be noted
  • Estimates will also include installation, freight and delivery

Service & Logistics

The best equipment money can buy means nothing without the right support and service behind it.

To meet increased demand, we have created a National Service Network in order to provide you with prompt attention and service in the event of a problem. With our headquarters in New York and our regional distribution hubs, World of Gelato is able to dispatch our own trucks, complete with lift-gates, to ensure on-time delivery and to provide the proper care and handling of your equipment. We also offer full warranties and a 24-hour emergency service hotline to accommodate any service issues outside of normal business hours.

World of Gelato hopes to build more than projects; we want to build relationships. Our success to that end is proven by our many returning customers.

Long term relationships, continued success.