9.5cm Bio Palletine Spoons (QTY: 2400)

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.
The 9.5cm biodegradable spoons come in translucent multicolores.  These bio spoons are a great addition to your biodegradable cups and Environmentally Friendly shop!!
Approximately 2400 pieces per order
*Made using a special additive that
allows the degradation in any condition, both
aerobic and anaerobic, in a maximum time of 5
years, as regulated by ISO UNIEN 14855.
Of great importance is to know that, unlike
traditional plastics, to activate the degradation
process, the products do not require particular
light, heat or mechanical action. Furthermore, the
maintenance, transport, storage, handling and use
of the BIO line do not require any special treatment.
These products must however be disposed of
in plastics, where, compared to the latter, they
degrade in less time

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