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Carpigiani PASTOCHEF Confectionary

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The Pastochef is a miracle of modern electronics.  Through the use of microprocessor technology and convenient, easy-to-use touch pad controls, the Pastochef can be programmed to automatically perform many different operations.

Its main application is in the preparation of confectionary delights.  Among its capabilities are: tempering of plain chocolate, milk chocolate, and colored chocolate; production of confectioners custard for use as a filling in cakes, cream puffs, croissants, etc.; pouchee fruit (sugar-stewed fruit) with fruit whole or in chunks, for use in cakes, ice cream cups, etc.; fruit liqueur or chocolate Bavarian Cream for use in sophisticated desserts; the preparation of ice cream mixes; etc..

The Pastochef may also be used to prepare: rice puddings, bechamel, mayonnaise, soups, sauces, gravies, porridge, scrambled eggs, meat pie fillings, jams, and more.

The Pastochef solves common problems automatically - it is programmed with a specific cycle for mixing flour, sugar, and eggs which results in a smooth and homogenous mix which will easily disolve in milk when heated.

Besides reaching the pasteurization temperature threshold, cooking continues for an adequate time to ensure that starches fully coagulate, ensuring a smooth product.

Cooling takes place while the mixture is being gently stirred to avoid over-beating.  Thickening occurs as the temperature goes down.

The Pastochef reduces temperature from +63ºC to +3ºC inless than 1 hour. Through the pasteurization process pastry cream and flavored cream are produced and stored under fully hygenic conditions, enhancing the quality and shelf life of the product.

Additional Features:
  • Tank graduated in litres
  • Flexible water hose for easy cleaning of the tank and dispensing tap - retracts into its own holder when not in use
  • Hygenic dispensing tap
  • Insulated, transparent, detachable tank cover incorporating a small lid for the introduction of ingredients during the processing cycle
  • Safety device stops beater when tank cover is opened
  • Two part beaters can be configured to suit product being processed
  • Touch pad console with low voltage controls
  • Electric refrigeration and soundproofing systems conform to international standards.
  • Refrigeration system with R22, suited to tropical climates
  • Air cooled condenser available upon request at extra charge
  • Sturdy, anti-rust treated frame and stainless steel panels