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Carpigiani AGEMASTER

Carpigiani AGEMASTER

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The Agemaster automatically and safely ages ice cream mixes.  Built-in electronic microprocessor circuitry automatically and steadily checks the machine's operating parameters to ensure the mix remains uncontaminated by bacteria.

The dry cooling system provides for perfect storage of the already cooled mixes transferred from the pasteurizer.  The beating system assists in the aging process in addition to delivering a more creamy, homogeneous, and tastier ice cream in larger quantities.  The Agemaster is equipped with a patented highly hygenic foldaway tap.Additional Features:

Additional Features:

  • Automatic programming holds the ice cream mix temperature at +4°C to ensure perfect aging.
  • Semi-automatic programming allows the operator to specify custom aging cycles which can include uninterrupted or spaced beating modes.
  • Power failure safety feature which automatically activates in the event of a power failure and automatically restarts the storage process, sounding an alarm if the temperature and time values indicate the potential deterioration of the mix during the power outage.
  • Ergonomic control console with low tension controls.
  • Electric, refrigerating, and soundproofing system complies with international standards.
  • Graduated tank with inside water delivery device for washing.
  • Highly resistent and anti-rust treated steel frame; glazed stainless steel plates.
  • Available in models of differing sizes and capacities.